Cause dating violence

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Cause dating violence - taylor dooley dating

Victimisation surveys are an important source of information on the nature and extent of domestic violence because the rate of reporting for domestic violence incidents is low.

A number of factors have also been identified as increasing the risk that an individual will become a perpetrator of domestic violence.

Domestic violence occurs in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships and includes married, de facto and separated adolescents and adults (Flood & Fergus 2008).

Domestic violence is also commonly referred to as relationship violence, intimate partner violence and gender-based violence.

For example, one in five respondents to a recent national survey indicated that they believed that domestic violence is perpetrated equally by both men and women (Vic Health 2009).

Debate regarding the rates of violence against men committed by women in intimate relationships still exists, and there has been a growing body of research into the nature and prevalence of male victimisation and domestic violence in homosexual relationships.

One possible explanation for the low reporting rate is that victims of physical or sexual violence committed by current partners may be less likely to perceive the incident as a crime than if it were committed by a stranger (Mouzos & Makkai 2004).

Other reasons include a belief that the incident is too minor to report, shame or embarrassment, a desire to deal with the issue by themselves, fear of the perpetrator or of the consequences of reporting the incident, cultural barriers, and concern about having to relive the event by re-telling the story to multiple parties ( 2009a).Domestic violence refers to acts of violence that occur within intimate relationships and take place in domestic settings.It includes physical, sexual, emotional and psychological abuse.For example, according to the findings of the ABS (2006) , 78 percent of persons who reported being a victim of physical violence at the hands of a partner in the previous 12 months were female.Similarly, research by Access Economics (2004) found that 87 percent of all victims of domestic violence are women and that 98 percent of all perpetrators are men.In Indigenous communities, 'family violence' is often the preferred term as it encapsulates the broader issue of violence within extended families (Stanley, Tomison & Pocock 2003).

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