Constantly updating facebook

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Constantly updating facebook - Telugu aunty chat

Finding friends and partners is only one part of your job.

In addition, calling a script every 3 seconds would be pretty tolling on my server, especially if many people are on the same page.

But for people with just a few Facebook friends, viewing status updates wasn't a problem. 13 issue of the journal Nature, found such Facebook friends can influence real-life actions of one another.

In that study, one "get out the vote" message sent to 61 million Facebook users on Election Day 2010 led to 340,000 people casting ballots when they otherwise would not have.

"We got the idea to conduct this study during a coffee-break sharing random stories about what friends had posted on Facebook," psychology researcher Fenne große Deters, of the Universitat Berlin, told Live Science in an email.

"Wondering why posting status updates is so popular, we thought that it would be thrilling to study this new form of communication empirically." Deters and her colleague recruited about 100 undergraduates (all Facebook users) at the University of Arizona.

On the server side, you'll need a script that can tell whether or not there is new content (eg: new files) based on a timestamp (eg: last request).

On the client side, you have two options: Polling aka Periodic Refresh: This basically means having your client poll the server in intervals to check whether or not there is new data.During that week, all completed a short online questionnaire at the end of each day about their mood and level of social connection.Compared with the group of students who didn't adjust their social media habits, those who went on a status-writing blitz felt less lonely over the week, the team found.It will be up to you to tweak the interval to one that's acceptable for both the server and the user.You can also use a Heartbeat to tell whether or not the user is still active, so you can stop polling the server if the user left the window open but is off the computer.I saw something called COMET - Although reading through articles/tutorials has confused me even more.

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