Broadcast myself live naked

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Now, launch the app on your Android phone and start video streaming.You can watch the live video streaming on web, on any other Android phone, or on your i Phone.

Ustream is a simple yet useful app that provides fast and clear live video streaming on Android.Google Play store has many Live streaming apps that help you to broadcast yourself live over web, between Android devices, and between Android to any other smart device.We will discuss about best 3 Android apps to broadcast yourself live on Android phone.To start the live streaming, tap on the red record button in the app and then the video will go live which others can watch in real-time.To watch the live video streaming, you need to login with the same username and password on the web, Android, or i Phone.This Android live streaming app is similar to Veetle app as discussed above.

But, Bambuser skips the limitation of time gap between the actual video played and the video which is being recorded in real-time.

Like Bambuser app, Ustream does not provide any time gap between the live video stream played and the actual video recorded.

But, yes, it totally depends on the internet on which your Android phone and PC is connected.

Live video with Veetle app has some limitation which is very minor and can be ignored.

There is time gap between the live video played and the actual video recorded through the Android phone.

After recording the video from the app, you can easily allow your friends or anybody to watch the live video streaming.