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Here, recorded in the latter years of the 20th century, are the authentic voices of those born in the 1890s (among others).

The War on our Doorstep: London’s East End and how the Blitz Changed it Forever* is a beautiful collection of reminiscences drawn from the Museum of London’s oral history collection.‘You’d pack up when you owed a few bob rent, put your things on an old barrow for tuppence or threepence which you’d hired, and you’d move to somewhere else,’ recalled Stan Rose.Or if you were unlucky, the superintendent and his team got to you first. and get the money back owing to them.’ Neighbours, sympathetic perhaps but keen on a bargain, would snap them up.In 1744, Frye and his partner, Edward Heylen took out a patent for the production of artificial soft-paste porcelain.The inventors and manufacturers of porcelain in England called their product “New Canton”, a nod to the pottery from the Far East with which they hoped to compete.That and the chanting, because on Sunday there would be Hebrew classes in the Brick Lane Talmud Torah.

They would be reciting in Hebrew and it would blend with the sound of the bells.’ The superintendent may not have minded, but then he had a hard job keeping track of comings and goings, especially with multiple subletting and the constant moonlight flits.The East End (and Bermondsey south of the river) stand out among a sea of switched-on areas, including the City, Greenwich and the Borough.They may have only been in the queue — nonetheless the contrast is striking. Around Stepney and Whitechapel, most families were crammed into once-grand houses that by the early years of the 20th century had been subdivided and sublet many times.A little architectural history along the Bow Road, combined with poring over 18th century maps of the area, finally uncovered the whereabouts of the East End’s own porcelain works.As long as Europeans had been journeying to the Far East, they had been entranced by the fine ceramic pots and plates they discovered there — a far cry from the crude wooden trencher from which a medieval Englishman would (if he was lucky) eat his dinner.And this of course was the engine of London’s economy, the docks both north and south of the river. For most East Enders, ‘home’ was a set of rooms rather than a building, and families tended to be loyal to their area rather than sentimental about houses. Was about 40 of us in there.’ And if rents were low, there were greater savings to be made by cramming extra people in.

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