Philippine dating tradition

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Second Stage: Tactful Dating That is the second stage of Filipino courtship whereby the courting couple would go out together without the company of their friends. Filipino women do not like the courtship process to be fast.Filipino girls are expected to play hard to get because their culture deemed it as an appropriate behavior when they are being courted.

This is a part of her culture and even for a Western man there is no way around that.

For example, if the man wants to be accepted by the girl’s family, he has to give out small presents every time he visits her family's house.

You can always ask any questions regarding which traditions you should observe with her older siblings in the family.

neither party should be dishonest or mislead the other to try and get what they want.

we can guess that less than 5% of western women are virgins before marriage, this demonstates a very obvious difference with filipino dating culture.

When it comes to courting in Filipino culture, you have to be more indirect than in Western societies.

Filipino courtship usually last for a long period of time.Philippine beliefs and superstition have grown in number throughout the various regions and provinces in the country.These beliefs have come from the different saying and superstitions of our ancestors that aim to prevent danger from happening or to make a person refrain from doing something in particular.During this stage of courting there will be no public displays of affection, the man has to be discreet and friendly or he will be slapped with a tag of being too stuck up or aloof.At this point of time, it is too early for physical contact such as kissing or holding hands.Here you will read successful stories from lots of couples that found their love through asian online dating services such as Filipina, Filipino Friend Finder and many more. We are now planning to build a house in the Philippines.

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