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The Royal Pakistan Air Force (RPAF) was established on 14 August 1947 with the independence of Pakistan from British India.

In 1933, the British colonial government established the first Air Force station in the South Asia near Drigh Road, now called PAF Base Faisal in Karachi.

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These new aircraft gave a much-needed boost to the morale and combat capability of the Royal Pakistan Air Force; 93 Hawker Fury and roughly 50-70 Bristol Freighter aircraft were inducted into the RPAF by 1950.

Although the Royal Pakistan Air Force had little funds to use and markets to choose from, it entered the jet age quite early.

It was a high-level interceptor designed to neutralize Soviet strategic bombers in altitudes above 40,000 feet." Nevertheless, the IAF is believed to have feared the Starfighter Even though the IAF flew a larger offensive air campaign by devoting 40% of its air effort to offensive air support alone, according to Indian sources the majority of its losses came from aircraft destroyed on the ground through PAF air strikes. origin and spare parts could not be sourced from the United States. China was approached and agreed to supply an initial 72 Shenyang F-6 fighters and it was inducted on 30 December 1965.

The two countries have made contradictory claims of combat losses during the war and few neutral sources have verified the claims of either country. placed an arms embargo on Pakistan and the PAF was badly affected. China also supplied a squadron of Harbin B-5 bombers which the PAF was not satisfied with due to their lack of a modern bomb aiming system.

The first squadron equipped with these aircraft was the Number-11 "Arrow".

The Supermarine Attacker had a rather unsatisfactory service in the Royal Pakistan Air Force with frequent attrition and maintenance problems.

Even still, the Mirage was not equipped with modern munitions such as anti-runway bombs for attacking airbases, cluster bombs for attacking armoured formations or anti-ship weapons because such weapons could not be sourced from the U. On 22 November 1971, 10 days before the start of a full-scale war, four PAF F-86 Sabre jets attacked Indian and Mukti Bahini positions at Garibpur, near the international border.

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