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This rule will match any cookbook that does not have a Chef definitions are an older approach to creating a higher-level abstraction for a group of resources.Unlike Custom Resources they are not first class resources, cannot receive notifications, and do not support why-run mode.

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In the second phase it configures the node against the resource collection.

You should normally define a default action on your resource to avoid confusing users. This warning means that the LWRP will not currently trigger notifications to other resources.

This can be a source of difficult to track down bugs.

It is not displayed for variations between cookbooks.

rather than defining the condition directly on the resource itself.

This is commonly a typo or you need to check the documentation to see what the attribute you are trying to set is called: Supermarket will now render your cookbook README documentation inline - see this example for the mysql cookbook.

Your README needs to be in Markdown format for this to work.This warning is likely to mean that your recipe will fail to run when you attempt to converge.Your recipe may be syntactically valid Ruby, but the attribute you have attempted to set on a built-in Chef resource is not recognised.Modified version This modified example would not match the FC005 rule.It takes advantage of the fact that Chef processes recipes in two distinct phases.Various nice people in the Chef community have also written extra rules for foodcritic that you can install and run. It's easy to get started with Foodcritic in Chef-DK already When you declare a resource in your recipes you frequently want to reference dynamic values such as node attributes.