Dating after legal separation

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Use your separation as a time to reflect on your part in the marital problems and not as a time to point fingers and blame.If you have children and are living apart from them put extra effort into seeing them regular and considering their emotional needs.

Talk to your child daily, remain involved in school and other activities, keep a regular visitation schedule and make your children your main priority.

However, judges will often look askance at a parent dating prior to the actual divorce, and it could enter into their custody decision.

I was advised (by my attorney) that, regardless of what the separation agreement said, it was wisest to NOT date until the divorce was final and custody ordered.

For example, don’t defame your spouse by discussing personal issues with friends and family.

Whatever the problems in your marriage it took two to cause them.

The magazine is the authoritative voice on separation and divorce, offering expert advice and practical information designed to minimize emotional and financial stress for individuals and families going through the process.

This comprehensive publication and website covers all key issues – from child support to custody, mediation to litigation, financial preparation to emotional recovery.

A legal separation gives you the space you need to solve marital problems, come to terms with your emotions and start over, either in your marriage or alone.

How you behave during a legal separation will determine how successful you are in whatever your motives for separating.

Being able to communicate and treat each other with respect will mean less stress for you, your spouse and your children.2.

Maintain a Close Bond With Your Children: If you have children set up a parenting plan that allows them time with each parent.

If you live in a state that requires a legal separation for a certain period of time before you can file for divorce, having sex with your spouse can set you back legally.