On reentering the cached content etag is not validating

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On reentering the cached content etag is not validating - Sign up and fuck no charge

As for the second question I have no idea - what browsers did you test it on?Maybe only some browsers are behaving weirdly, I know for sure that IE does with respect to caching...

In that case, I believe the actual implementation is much simpler and doesn't require manual handling of headers.

So, the browser needs to send the request to the server each time before taking image from it's own cache.

Here is the example - 3) There is another way (as I was told the right way in my case, cause the images will change very rarely...

anyway, I need to implement exactly this): To add modified date to the image url and set caching with If I use the code above seems like the browser doesn't send requests to the server, instead it just take images from the cache unless the duration is not ended.

(When I change the image the browser doesn't display new version) Questions: 1) How to implement the third approach, so that the browser will take the images from client cache (and will not send the response to the server each time it wants the image) unless the image was modified? 2) In the code above the time of the first image request is written to the Last-Modified (don't know why).

This is a simple caching filter suitable for caching compressible HTTP responses such as HTML, XML or JSON.

It uses a Singleton Cache Manager created with the default factory method.

How to write the modification date of the file into Last-Modified? Also, if I cache only on the client and use Thanks for links.

I think ETag works just the same as the Last-Modified.

Another option may be to store the image upload date, along with some associated entity, like the Product for example. In the code above I write this modification date into Last-Modified header. I'll create additional property for modified date in related Entity, but this strange Last-Modified behavior bothers and annoys me very much :) When the timestamp of the image file changes, the return value of the Get Vary By Custom String method will change which will cause ASP.

But every time I reload the page I get If-Modified-Since in request equal to Last-Modified from the previous response?! NET to reload the image rather than use the cached value. Intially used this answer but for some reason when image is modified it doesn't update in client, instead shows the cached version of image.

Override to use a different Cache Manager It is suitable for: .