Chart updating manual

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The new sheet is now named ‘Sheet1 (2)’, meaning copy 2 of Sheet1, and we see from the highlighted range and series formula that the chart on the new sheet references the data on the new sheet.A successful copy of the chart to a new sheet, using data on the new sheet, then requires this protocol: 2.

If you simply copy the chart sheet, the copy will of course refer to the data on the original worksheet.The series formula for the highlighted chart in ‘Chart1 (2)’ shows that the data it references is in ‘Sheet1 (2)’.Again, the successful protocol for copying a chart sheet so that it references new data is: 3.Therefore, a chart still has to fully reference its data source by worksheet name, and perhaps also by workbook name.We saw this referencing in action when we copied the chart and pasted it into another sheet.But to our chagrin, the chart in ‘Sheet2 (2)’ still references the data in ‘Sheet1’, not that in ‘Sheet1 (2)’. The copy could be made using Save As from the File menu, or by making a copy in Windows Explorer.

Apparently the designers of Excel decided it was too complicated to keep track of the sheets that charts on other sheets reference. If the two sheets are copied to another workbook (in this case a new workbook named Book4), the same situation occurs. Sheet2 still references the original data, in [Chart Data.xls]! Move the two sheets from Chart Data2into Chart Data1

However, if you copy both the worksheet and chart sheet in one operation, Excel is smart enough to link the copy of the chart to the copy of the data.

The copied worksheet is named ‘Sheet1 (2)’ and the copied chart sheet is named ‘Chart1 (2)’.

Learning the lessons from above, let’s copy the two sheets within the workbook.

The copied sheets are ‘Sheet1 (2)’ and ‘Sheet2 (2)’. The original workbook has been renamed Chart Data1.xls, and a copy was made, named Chart Data2.

How can you make a copy of this chart that references new data without having to change all of the links yourself? Chart Embedded on Worksheet with its Data When you start with data and a chart on the same worksheet, it looks like this.