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As she was born in the month of February, her zodiac sign is Aquarius.A beautiful actress Cerina has already got married and divorced as well.

Between the classes, she went on the auditions and eventually landed several of the commercials as well as a role on the USA High for The USA Network.

Later, in 1999, she made her appearance in her first movie role as a bratty teenager in a thriller called Fear Runs Silent which starred Billy Dee Williams.

Cerina had performed in a Christmas production at the Diskin Elementary School learning lines for all characters.

They just send me pictures and things they want me to sign. I could be totally wrong and I am willing to be wrong but I hope I'm not. When you look back at the old roles, were they stepping stones? What's hard is then seeing yourself all over the place and on the Internet and being judged.

I would really like to see everything coming to me. I want to see everybody's fan mail, I want to know who called and who wants me and who doesn't, and who loves me and who hates me. CV: When I was growing up, I was always a performer. But I wasn't desperate in the way you see a lot of actors and actresses who have moved to L. CV: I think that obviously they were stepping-stones, but my career hasn't gone straight up, but up and down. I am eternally grateful for because that opened the door to a whole career in the horror genre and to a whole fan base I wouldn't have had. DP: I've read that you and your agents tell filmmakers that you don't want to do nudity anymore.

Cerina Vincent is an American actress as well as a writer.

She came into this world on 7th February of the year 1979 which has now made her reach at the age of 37.

There is no any news found about whether she was dating anyone or had a boyfriend before getting married to Ben.

Besides that, more information related to her bio, it can be obtained from Wikipedia, IMDb, Instagram and Twitter.

Lately I've been getting a new batch of "Power Rangers" fans and some of that mail comes from overseas. DP: Did David Lynch direct some short with you early on? I knew that Eli was something special but I didn't know that the movie would be so awesome. But at the same time it felt right and made sense to me. He's just very intelligent and has something not very many directors have. I totally did it." It's weird, because when you are on a set actually filming it, it is not that big a deal.

DP: Like most "sex symbols," do you get mail from prisoners? But my agents and managers read through it and don't actually give me a lot of it. He kept saying it was going to be a huge hit and we were all going to be famous. And I kind of have a similar feeling for this movie. And the passion behind this film is similar to the passion behind DP: Today when you say you want better roles, I assume you aren't ashamed of your old roles. Everything is closed and you are in the moment and you are in the character and everybody is very professional and you get through it.

Her other movie and TV credits include Kitchen Sink, Tag, Pennies, Intermedio, Fashion Victim, It Waits, Cabin Fever, Final Sale, Moni Ka, Broken Memories, Wifey, Manchild, Felicity, Dead Last, City Guys, Bones, Zombie Family and much more. She has written three books along with Jodi Lipper and she also writes a regular column for the Huffington Post.

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