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Out 59 journalists, 34 of them and all the 23 distributers represent the Kurdish media.Charged with the usual journalism activities such as “reporting news”, “dissident journalism against the government”, and “working at the Kurdish media”, journalists and distributers have been facing sentence terms for establishing “the media environment for the illegal organization.” The following are also found among the attributed accusations: “committing a crime on behalf of the organization without being a member” and/or “helping intentionally the organization without getting involved in its hierarchical structure.” Some other journalists are on trial for the following allegations: “establishing an armed/non-armed organization”, “administrating or being a member of an organization” and there are some sentenced journalists.

Istanbul Police Commissioner Celalettin Cerrah said he made Dink’s murderer Ogün Samast speak, but that Trabzon Police Chief Ramazan Akyürek deleted the recordings; he described the murder as “an operation conducted by Ramazan Akyürek’s gang and the Trabzon gendarmerie.” Tuncel testified: Convicted defendant and arrestee of the Hrant Dink case, Tuncel testified as a witness.

Pointed out the insufficiency of the investigation, Tahir Elçi, Diyarbakır Bar Association Chairman, stated the following: “Obviously, the murder was planned. Nevertheless, there is only one arrested suspect.” The trial will continue on January 24.

59 journalists and 23 distributers welcomed the year of 2014 in prison.

The murder of Hayırsevener: The case concerning the murder of Cihan Hayırsevener, the editor-in-chief of Yaşam newspaper in South Marmara region who was murdered on December 18, 2009, has been submitted to Supreme Court of Appeals (October 1).

On August 1, Istanbul 10th Special Duty Assize Court convicted top suspect İhsan Kuruoğlu to 17 years of prison for instigating the murder and 10 years for forming an armed crime organization and conspire to rig the bid by.

Finally, Trabzon 1st High Criminal Court agreed on conforming the judgement and demanded the report on eight gendarme personnel and Öz’s conviction to 6-month prison sentence from Trabzon 2nd Penal Court of Peace to examine.

As the report has not returned from the Supreme Court yet, the High Criminal Court shall wait for the judgement.Istanbul court rejected consolidation: Istanbul 14th High Criminal Court replied negatively to Trabzon 1st High Criminal Court’s proposition of the consolidation of the case file of then Trabzon Provincial Gendarmerie Command Colonel Ali Öz’s trial and the Hrant Dink murder case reversed by The Supreme Court of Appeals on the basis that “there is no legal or factual link between the files”. No peace for Hrant: The Ombudsman Institution (KDK) led by Nihat Ömeroğlu suggested Hrant Dink, after receiving punishment for “insulting Turkishness” and incurring threats, was condemned “not because he was Armenian, but as the crime developed material and immaterial aspects”.(November 23) Murder still a state secret: In the case where Ogün Samast, sentenced to 22 years 10 months for the Hrant Dink murder is tried for being an illegal organization’s member, Istanbul 2nd Juvenile High Criminal Court will ask again whether the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) documents the Parliamentary Commission for Investigating Military Coups sent to the court are a state secret (November 5).It was claimed Tuncel told prosecutor Muammer Akkaş that he met then Trabzon employed specialized sergeant Satılmış Şahin who was in Istanbul on the day of the murder (November 29).Some also reported that Tuncel gave police chief Ramazan Akyürek and Ali Fuat Yılmazer and intelligence employee Muhittin Zenit’s names to the prosecutor and that he is in close relation with Zenit.During the hearing, Hamit Yıldırım stated they slandered him.