Updating to opensuse 11 1

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Updating to opensuse 11 1 - kisah lucah melayu makcik

They can be identified by the "MP" in the package name, for example Zone Minder-MP-1.28.1-1.1.x86_64 Detailed installation instruction are listed at [2].

Note: If not stopping Zone Minder (rczm stop) before upgrading you might get an information box with "... you can ignore this box, but after installation Zone Minder will be stopped.Start root console and run: Note: When you choose this way you have to resolve the package dependencies all by yourself. After you successfully installed all RPMs start root console. The RPM now includes a config file for apache to avoid a manual edit.Before you proceed to start Apache you should verify the timezone (date.timezone) in /etc/php5/apache2/ The only thing you have to do is to restart apache after the installation (rcapache2 restart)!Note: To install the RPM build against the packman RPMs with mjpeg streaming support and dependencies to ffmpeg you must have added the packman repository to Yum before. Reloading the privilege tables will ensure that all changes made so far will take effect immediately. open SUSE 11.4 and prior: After this Zone Minder will start at boot after apache2 and mysql were started.Download your choosen RPM from the listed repositories. After successfully installation the Zone Minder web interface can be reached at Hint: Since open Su SE 10.3 PHP short_open_tag is disabled by default.Now go to Ya ST-Softwaremanagement search for Zone Minder and select the version you want (either Zone Minder or Zone Minder-MP).

Keep in mind that Zone Minder-MP requires the VLC repository.

First you have to find out which Su SE version you are using. Enter as server "liquid-co.de" and as path "pub/suse/repositories/10.x".

The urls to the different repositories are: open SUSE 13.1: open SUSE 13.2: open SUSE Leap 42.1: open SUSE Leap 42.2: Depreciated open SUSE versions (repository is still there but not updated anymore) Su SE 10.0: Last Zone Minder version: 1.22.3 Su SE 10.1: Last Zone Minder version: 1.23.3 open SUSE 10.2: Last Zone Minder version: 1.23.3 open SUSE 10.3: Last Zone Minder version: 1.24.2 open SUSE 11.0: Last Zone Minder version: 1.24.2 open SUSE 11.1: Last Zone Minder version: 1.24.2 open SUSE 11.2: Last Zone Minder version: 1.24.2 open Su SE 11.3: Last Zone Minder version: 1.25.0 open SUSE 11.4: Last Zone Minder version: 1.27.0 open SUSE 12.1: Last Zone Minder version: 1.27.0 open SUSE 12.2: Last Zone Minder version: 1.27.0 open SUSE 12.3: Last Zone Minder version: 1.27.0 Now you have to add the adequate repositories to Ya ST. For more details on how to add package repositories to Ya ST go to [3].

Note: After switching between MP and non MP version you have to run "chkconfig zm on" again if you want to start Zone Minder at boot.

If you are uninstalling Zone Miner the database will be untouched, the recorded events and logfiles will reside on the disk and the file in /etc will be copied to rpmsave.

If the timezone isn't configured properly the hashed based authentication might not work. Now start Apache and My SQL by issuing the following commands: open SUSE 12.1 and newer (systemd): Note for systemd users: all output is redirected to /var/log/messages instead of printing them on stdout and stderr which means if something goes wring you should have a look at /var/log/messages. Note: When trying to run rczm start without running zm_database_init the start will fail.