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He explained through tears that "for whatever reasons you just end up not being able to inhabit the same space," referencing the break-up from first wife Anne Byrne and the fact "there were children involved." He also said at the time he had just come off the back of doing two movies back to back – .

"I was getting divorced, I'd been partying with drugs and it depleted me in every way," Hoffman said.He described how after shooting a scene in a restaurant dressed as his female character Dorothy Michaels opposite Sydney Pollack, he'd been told Jon Voight, who he starred with in , was eating in another part of the restaurant."I went over to him as Dorothy and had an entire conversation about how much I liked his work and managed to fool him," Hoffman said. On the subway, Hoffman still in costume, had run into his childhood acting hero Jose Ferrer."It's feeling like you're in between worlds." Hoffman described his extensive research into highly functioning autism sufferers saying he came to the conclusion they are unable to rid themselves of all the information a human is presented with. We're like vacuum cleaners, we can get rid of a lot of it but they can't." Added Hoffman: "My children tell me, don't cry Daddy, you can see why." There were also laughs aplenty across the evening that ran to more than two hours.Among the biggest was Hoffman's account of , a role where he played an unemployed actor who auditions as a woman to land a role in a soap opera.In addition to the two leads, Valeria Golino stars as Charlie's girlfriend, Susanna.

Morrow created the character of Raymond after meeting Kim Peek, a real-life savant; his characterization was based on both Peek and Bill Sackter, a good friend of Morrow who was the subject of Bill, an earlier film that Morrow wrote.After talking through Ferrer's career with him, mentioning how much he'd admired his chops, still in drag, Hoffman said he couldn't resist asking one last question. " Ferrer stared at his female form for a while before calming replying: "Not right now," Hoffman recalled.He shared that after he walked off, Ferrer had asked his friend "who was that scumbag of a woman." Hoffman said he'd never been one to "censor his mouth." Hoffman also discussed his childhood upbringing in Los Angeles in a house "that movies were never mentioned in" after his father got fired from a studio job with Columbia and became a furniture salesman.More tears came from the actor when discussing his experience making his other Oscar-winning film, with director Barry Levinson.Hoffman described how, two weeks into shooting, he was sitting in an open top Cadillac with Tom Cruise, wishing he could leave the movie because he just couldn't play the part of the autistic brother Raymond Babbitt.S." So, he suggested Meryl Streep, someone who was a young actress on the rise.

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