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When he set up the account, he agreed to the terms of Go Daddy‟s Domain Name Registration Agreement, which was subsequently replaced by Go Daddy‟s Universal Terms of Service Agreement (“UTOS”).

Though he could have opened multiple accounts, Jeff used account number 1165490 to register various personal and business domain names and the associated email accounts.

Baranowsky testified that he had been trained that when a third party asked to change a domain name, the registrant was required to request the change. Baranowsky asked Wallace to validate the account by providing the last four to six digits of the method of payment for the account.

Since Wallace was the chief financial officer of Pro Scan, she knew the last four digits of the bank account number used to pay for the website.Go, Inc., filed an appeal from a judgment entered in favor of Jeff Eysoldt, Mark Eysoldt, and Jill Eysoldt who had an account with Godaddy only to see the account control turned over to another person.Here are the facts as laid out by the court: “In November 2002, Jeff Eysoldt opened account number 1165490 with Go Daddy and transferred his domain name,, into that account.Manuscripts in both libraries are often poorly documented as to origin and date of acquisition.Usually little more is known than the name of the manuscript's donor supplemented by what meager details can be gleaned from colonial sources concerning his Indies career and collecting habits.But they had difficulty coming to an agreement, and Jeff refused to turn the website over to Rejuvenate.