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When the original video game was in development, its working title was "LEGO Logic," and the team was called "TILT (Trans-International Lego Team)." There were also several online games made using Macromedia Flash. In the second mission, you have to scare the drones and rescue Radia.in the third mission, you have to find Ogel's fortress, then defeat him, but he escapes.

Main Characters The Alpha team storyline has been mainly told through various games.

Ogel also has revised the evil orb so that he could turn ordinary sea creatures into mutants that serve him.

Ogel's left hand was replaced by a transparent red hook that can still hold things (the Lego minifigure). Rumor has it that he lost his left hand while battling Alpha Team.

Alpha Team's helper, Tee Vee (a television with legs and antennae) can now turn into a deep sea rover for small openings and scouting around the sea embankment.

In the webtoon, Into the Deep, Ogel's sinister plan for the mutant sea animals was destroyed when Dash reversed the orb factory controls, thus reverting all the sea animals back to normal.

However, he was defeated when Alpha Team entered the picture and broke the power of the evil orbs to restore the drones back to normal.

They captured Ogel and destroyed the orb machine (found in the Alpha Team video game). The year is 2002 and Alpha Team has changed slightly. Ogel is back with more sinister looking drones that remained from the year 2001.

The game was first imagined and remains as a puzzle game where the player builds LEGO contraptions and directs minifigures to solve puzzles.

For the first year and a half of development, the game had a surreal and imaginative theme, with a variety of different characters forming the "Trans-International LEGO Team" (or TILT) and worlds based on objects in a real house (for example, Aromazona, a world of giant flowers, which corresponded to a flower pot in the real world).

There were never any new Alpha team sets in 2003 except for one from the mission deep sea line. His plan was to freeze the world at his base in Antarctica with ice orbs, and as revealed later, to freeze time itself as well.

Ice Orbs are completely different from the evil orbs Ogel made earlier, as they no longer cause mutations/brainwashing, but instead freezes everything on touch.

However, Ogel escaped again by detaching the cockpit on his Mutant Squid vehicle.