News widget not updating

30-Mar-2014 11:57 by 3 Comments

News widget not updating

I added it last night and when I got up this morning it still had yesterday's date and information on it.

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I really like the look and feel of the the app, but it's not much use to me personally while the widget isn't updating.

When I activate that setting, the widget updates properly. I have auto-refresh set to 15 minutes, and the "current conditions" notification off.

I'm not sure if you'll consider this a bug or if it's the expected behavior, but to me it feels like a bug, since you can disable the status bar notification and still leave 'Auto Update' on. If I leave it running overnight, the widget still shows yesterday's weather.

When I restart the phone, everything will update, but then will freeze again, so now my calendar says today is the 22nd, but if I don't restart my phone tomorrow it will still say it's the 22nd.

However, the clock/weather widget that came with the phone stays up to date. I can press the little refresh button on the bottom right of that widget and it will update the weather fine.

Andrew and Greg, if you'd submit a ticket to us via the link at the top of the page, we can send you a debug build to try.

There are many factors involved in the update and without debug info it's difficult to know where the failure is happening.opening up the app, or with Google Music, skipping the track or playing/pausing the music, but for example, when pressing next track on the music widget, the track will change, but the widget won't reflect that, it will stay stuck.Also, my Google Now cards widget won't update, but when I click on it, the info will be up to date in the app.Does anybody have any suggestion or have a similar problem?Start by opening the RSS feed/web URL in a single browser window and check if the last update matches the one on your dashboard If it doesn't match, go to I'll hold off leaving app feedback until the above issue gets fixed, but once it does I have only good things to say so far.

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