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If the employer asks the question, they do not have to disclose their pregnancy. If a pregnant woman is hired, maternity protection only applies from the moment she informs her employer of her condition.Employees are protected during the full duration of the pregnancy, from the moment the employer has been informed of their condition.

If an employee on a permanent employment contract becomes pregnant during her trial period, the trial period is suspended from the day the employee submits a medical certificate to her employer confirming the pregnancy.

If the employer refuses to annul the dismissal, the employee has 15 days following the termination of the contract to file a claim to the labour tribunal in order to demand that the dismissal be declared null and void.

In the event of cessation of business, the termination of employment is not declared null and void.

Should the employee be exempt from work, the employer stops paying her salary.

He submits the approval from the relevant occupational health practitioner to the CNS who, in return, will pay the employee financial benefits equivalent to her salary.

Pregnant women have the right to: When an employee is pregnant and has duly informed her employer, she benefits from a series of rights and special protection measures.

During a job interview, pregnant women are not required to inform their prospective employer of their pregnancy.

In order to be granted maternity benefits during maternity leave, the employee or self-employed worker must have been affiliated with the mandatory sickness and maternity insurance fund for at least 6 months during the 12 months prior to the maternity leave.

Maternity benefits are paid by the health insurance fund during antenatal and postnatal leave.

Where such risks have been detected by the employer, he must, in accordance with the occupational health practitioner's recommendation: , the employer, together with the occupational health practitioner, must determine the activities which pose a threat to the health and safety of pregnant or breastfeeding women.

If these activities exist within the company, the employer must, in accordance with the occupational health practitioner's recommendation: Should the employee be exempt from work, the employer can stop paying her salary.

In the event of an irregular dismissal without a suspension that occurred in the conditions stated above, the president of the tribunal will order the reinstatement of the salaried woman in the business.

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