Accommodating science

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These features indicated the articles ’ centrality in scientific discourse. INTHIS ARTICLE, WE SUGGEST a means of developing a more secure foundation for a theory of bibliographic instruction (BI).Three forms of inquiry-research, reading, and writing-are presented as interdependent and inseparable.

A c ..." ***Note: Figures may be missing from this format of the document This article reports on a study of how scientific knowledge about genetically modified (GM) food flows to the American public, focusing on language and message genres in the scientific literature, newspapers, and popular magazines.It also looks at how nonscientists sometimes appropriate and attempt to manipulate such claims, often through the news media.Such uses, the article argues, reflect and serve claimants ’ interests.Citation Context ..the scientific to thespublic realm.The relevance of science articles is “extratextual, not spelled out in the discourse but supplied byscontext, by the assumed inferences the audience will make” (=-=Fahnestock 1998-=-, 333).It uses a specialized genre of articles appearing in Science and Nature that introduces research reports appearing later in the issue.

These pieces refer explicitly to a research report in the same issue, and in addition to their own agendas, re-present the researchers ’ claims and supporting evidence.

A comprehensive search of these literatures from 1992 to 2002 revealed a publishing pattern of scientific communication that contrasted with that found in the lay press.

Examination of this difference led researchers to a scientific study on the effect of GM corn pollen on the Monarch butterfly.

To investigate how the core of an argument survives, the expression claims and lines of support in epitomizing figures are compared.

The articles sampled suggest that the figure antithesis, embodying single-difference arguments, often persists from version to version.

The news media, in turn, appropriate and emphasize those ignorance claims that advance and protect their own particular concerns.