C2c sex and chat on tube

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C2c sex and chat on tube

Did you know that more of the Underground is above ground than under it? Train drivers see a lot of wildlife on their travels - from hawks to herons and rabbits to green woodpeckers.Our driver remembers when a deer hit the train and got stuck underneath. Four Tube lines are completely automated, except when there's a problem and the driver takes control back. These intelligent tubes are the Jubilee, Northern, Central and Victoria trains.

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According to our inside source, this wish has been known to be granted.

A third of people in the capital don’t know their neighbours well. Because of this, most people are searching for connections, any connection but because of all the social stigma (so much social stigma) around talking to strangers, most struggle.

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If it really upsets you not to know which, for some reason, you can apparently have a quiet chat with staff afterwards to find out.

If you’re going really slowly in a train, chances are you’re only half a carriage away from another train in front, and the driver will not risk going faster in case they crash into them.

One Metropolitan line driver, who asked to remain anonymous, shared a series of tips a But the dead end is a false brick wall and the tunnel actually continues for quite a while, according to our inside source.

Engineering works were begun and then abandoned - and the tunnel is now sealed.

Books titled "Secrets of the Underground" feature in many tourist bookshops - but how many tell you what "person on the tracks" really means?

And, is there any point running for the last train?

Now, let’s be clear here: it is great to speak to people on public transport.

I often do it - a nice chat on the bus with the old man who lives round the corner, or a discussion about something that’s occurring on said bus, say perhaps when it’s all kicking off and everyone is having a good laugh about the situation.

A new wave of nervous commuters will now arise, worried that they’re going to burn in social hell if they aren’t open for a chat with person next to them wearing an unnaturally wide grin for the morning and sporting a 'Tube Chat?