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With more solo female business travelers on the road today, she feels more welcome in the lounges and eating alone in restaurants.Despite the positive changes, women on the road still encounter gender-related problems.

Margolis says, in the past, she "dreaded" telling people she had children at home. Margolis says the difficulties she faces today are "not external" but personal challenges."I want to do it all — be a great wife and mother, as well as travel the world," she says.

We also plan to reach out to the state high school associations in the affected region to determine how they plan to manage these types of situations and determine how best to work with them.

But right now it's too early to give any specifics.

the theater has always been scheduled with these things in mind, but we also have to gauge what the public is asking us to provide.

We plan to be as accommodating as possible and look at each situation on a case-by-case basis.

"Food was also geared to a males, with steaks and burgers first on the menu."Varwig says companies in the travel industry "have done a much better job" catering to women."Airport retail shops provide a large variety of products and services geared toward female travelers," she says.

"Restaurant menus have changed to better, lighter fare.

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Yamamoto says "some cultures still downgrade" female business travelers, and she has had "quite a few uncomfortable moments" in some Asian countries.

During a trip to Japan, she says she met business partners for the first time, and they "did not recognize my position." They preferred doing business with her male co-worker, she says. Hotel security was lax years ago — and has improved — but needs more improvement, Varwig says.

The breadth of products means customers don't have to compromise when accommodating their lifestyle choices, and vehicle-wide improvements increase the capability of the new vehicles in exactly the ways that drive customers to full-size SUVs.