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A historical marker and the remnants of the historic fort are all that remain at this historic site. The museum features exhibits of fossils, Native American items science, art, and provides a hall devoted to the People of Oklahoma. Housed inside the old 1923 train depot, the museum features exhibits and displays detailing the history of Bristow, Oklahoma from the days when it was in Indian Territory to present time. The society maintains the historical Blair one room log cabin located across the street from the Weatherford Post Office and the Cedar Schoolhouse, a one room school next to the research center where they maintain rotating exhibits including the Early School Days exhibit and Military Uniforms. The Eskridge Hotel was built by Pinckney Reid Eskridge in 1907, the same year that Oklahoma gained statehood. Eskridge constructed the three story brick hotel with lathe and plaster interior walls, tall ceilings, door transoms, a dining room, kitchen, lobby and sleeping rooms.Located 18 miles northwest of Boise City, Oklahoma on the Kenton Road. Today it is operated as a historical museum featuring historical artifacts, photos and items related to the history of Cleveland County. Part of the University of Oklahoma, the museum is located at 2401 Chautauqua Avenue in Norman, OK. Visitors will find Native American artifacts, a trading post, the Blue Beaver Schoolhouse, an agricultural shed with antique tools and implements and an amphitheater. Housed inside the former Grand Theatre, the museum features a collection of historical artifacts, antique items, photographs and documents related to the history of Cotton County. The society preserves and provides access to many genealogical and family history resources in the Research Center. In 1973, the Wynnewood Historical society transformed the hotel into a museum to help preserve its deep history. Housed in the former Dixie Building built in 1907, the museum is operated by the Grady County Historical Society and features historic items and artifacts related to the history of Chickasha and Grady County, Oklahoma.

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Housed within the museum is the Bernice Ford - Price Memorial Reference Library which has a large collection of historical material and photographs related to Altus and the surrounding area. Memorial Drive, Altus, OK in Jackson County which was formed from the Old Greer County. Housed within the museum is the Bernice Ford - Price Memorial Reference Library which has a large collection of historical material and photographs related to Altus and the surrounding area. Visitors to the museum will learn the story of the Chisholm Trail and the people associated with it through historical artifacts and photos along with exhibits about the early days in Waurika, Oklahoma.

Filled with beautiful woods, furnishings and fixtures, Marland Mansion is open for tours. Formerly the home to Ernest Whitworth Marland, the tenth Governor of Oklahoma, the historic home houses 101 Ranch memorabilia. The Pioneer Woman Museum features exhibits of household furnishings and items related to family life in the pioneer era of Oklahoma.

Other museums housed in Marland's Grand Home include an Indian Museum featuring Native American artifacts from tribes across the United States and the DAR Memorial Museum containing relics and artifacts dating back to the birth of America. The museum celebrates the women who have made outstanding pioneering contributions. Built in 1927, the grand Poncan Theatre once featured silent films which were accompanied by a Wurlitzer organ, two pianos and the Poncan Orchestra.

Operated by the Harmon County Historical Society, the museum is focused on the collection and preservation of historic artifacts and materials related to the history of Harmon County. Housed in a historic structure in the downtown Buffalo business district, the museum features historical artifacts, memorabilia and other items related to the local history of the Harper County area of Oklahoma. Located just east of the intersection of US Highways 81 and 70 in Waurika, OK.

The first Chickasaw Council House built in IT (Indian Territory), is located inside the museum building which also holds artifacts tracing the culture and history of the Chickasaw people. Modeled after the Davanzati Palace in Florence, Italy, this beautiful home is known as the "Palace on the Prairie".

Located in an old school building in Gene Autry, Oklahoma. Darling / Wilson Post-Democrat building, this Museum, which opened in 2001, focuses on Wilson and the surrounding (largely oilfield) communities that arose as a result of the oil boom in southern Oklahoma in 1914.

The Museum has pictures, artifacts and a wide variety of genealogical information from the region. A living history museum, the village is designed to represent a typical rural area in Indian Territory in the late 1800s and early 1900s.Included in our collections are copies of all Wilson newspapers in existence and an ever-expanding collection of obituaries from the region that currently number over 6,300 listings. You will find restored buildings dating in the 1875-1890 time period.The historic buildings include a Stilwell log cabin, the frontier home of Samantha Bain Lucas, and a church. A visit to the village offers insight into the way people lived in the late 1800s in Indian Territory. Upon the forced removal of the Cherokee people to Indian Territory (Trail of Tears) in 1838, George Michael Murrell moved with his wife's family and built the home known as Hunter's Home".The museum features artifacts and exhibits related to the history of southeastern Oklahoma. The museum is focused on the history of early day Beaver County. Established in 1842 to protect the Chickasaw and Choctaw Indians from the Plains Indians, the fort was occupied by the Confederacy during the Civil War and later used by the Chickasaw Nation leaders.Exhibits include pre-historic bones, the Choctaw Trail of Tears, famous persons such as Reba Mc Entire and Lane Frost along with a stop on the Butterfield Stage Line. Featuring historical artifacts and exhibits, the museum gives visitors a glimpse into the lives of the early pioneers of Beaver County, Oklahoma. Today it is a National Historic Landmark and the ruins still stand guard at 3348 State Road 199 in Durant, OK.Operated by the Choctaw County Historical Society, the old depot has been restored and features historical artifacts, documents and photographs related to the local history of Choctaw County.