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Teachers swiftly locked their classroom doors and ordered students to hit the floor, tipping over their desks in the process to provide extra protection.

Another three men were killed as Kretschmer fled police.

Computer and shooting were hobbies She said that she only knew Kretschmer — who appeared in pictures shown on German television to be a dark-haired teen with glasses — by sight, but that he was not a friend.

Police spokesman Klaus Hinderer said authorities are looking into whether the Internet postings were faked.

Hinderer's statement contradicted his earlier announcement that authorities were "completely convinced of the veracity of the post." The post appeared in a chat room some six hours before the shooter, Tim Kretschmer, went on a rampage Wednesday at his former high school and killed 15 people in and around the southwest German town of Winnenden.

To submit a new channel home page to this index, mail Platyna at [email protected] contact her on IRC.

It may sound obvious, but make sure you include the name of the channel, what it is for and where its homepage is.A joint statement released late Thursday by regional police and Stuttgart prosecutors said that, "in the course of the afternoon, doubts arose about the veracity of the Internet chat." Hinderer said a search of Kretschmer's computer had shown no trace of his having made the chat room posting.No details on doubts Stuttgart state prosecutors, who are leading the investigation, said they were trying to reach the U. A message posted to the site Thursday said, "No killing spree was announced here." Prosecutors' spokeswoman Claudia Krauth told The Associated Press that they shared the police doubts.Jason," and "The Marksman." Officials said he had been interested in a girl, but that the feelings were apparently never reciprocated."It didn't work out," said Ralf Michelfelder, police chief in the nearby town of Waiblingen."He was somewhat withdrawn, but I would never have thought (he would be capable) of anything like this," Puengel said.

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    As you’d expect, which now has almost 30,000 users, has not escaped criticism, with some suggesting it to be sexist. In a country where a former prime minister is on trial for buying sex from an underage prostitute and semi-naked showgirls are constantly being paraded on television screens, isn’t Vavassori simply turning the tables and objectifying men?