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There was one day that coincide with a day off so the client was afraid it will be inconvenient and had me go on the same group trip.

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I’m afraid that if she’s around 3 brothers often she might turn into a boy (laughs), but as for the rumor about me wanting to be another daughter of that house, I just want everyone to think that we are all friends.”“He’s not jealous at all and as for the reason why we don’t take many couple pictures together is because P’Tong is very shy.

Nhưng thời gian này tôi nghĩ rằng đã lâu rồi tại sao lại không đăng nhỉ? Margie: Chúng tôi sẽ phải suy nghĩ nhiều hơn ,nhưng sẽ có nhiều hình ảnh vui nhộn và phù hợp hơn.

Boy: Thành thật mà nói, tôi đã không đăng những hình ảnh nghịch nghịch trong một thời gian dài .

It only adds to the confirmation when the two were seen in France together.

Upon seeing Min at her graduation, the actress clarifies that, The truth is Pe’Boy went on the trip for Clinic Clear but I went in term of Unilever, because I am a presenter for Sunsilk.

It will probably next year because Pooklook told me to wait for her so we can go together. I did since new year, but today he probably can’t come due to work.

event, reporters saw actress Kimberley Anne Tiamsiri and asked her regarding the picture on her Instagram.

He’s taken many pictures for others also not just me.”“How should I say it..

The way we are is good already and there doesn’t need to be a status.

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