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Hdenglish 2xmove - coventry dating

It's well built and features 2 Dualshock 4 and 2 PS MOVE chargers. Only critique is that the power cable is a but short.It includes a fast USB Charger at the back for charging any device. I have to use an extension cable to place it on top of my TV.

As well has charging stations for two PS4 controllers, two move controllers and a wireless headset.

Theres a indicator light for each of the charging stations that changes from blue to red when it is actively charging the peripheral.

My only complaint would be that the power cord is on the short side and has the AC adapter on the outlet which caused me some headache when trying to fit on my powerbar.

The good side: - VR head set has its dedicated space and no need worry if i am not going to sit on it.

- I am able to charge both of my ps4 controllers, the ps move controllers and there is regular USB(type A jack) on the back of the stand that I can use for charging other peripherals(audio headset or phone for example).

- The light indicators are blue when the device is charged and red when its charging. Plastic is tick and flexes little where the VR head set is and a little more towards the end where you can place the audio headset.

I tested placing 2 of my audio headsets and looks very sturdy. The bad side: -There is really nothing bad i can say at this moment as it suits my needs.

Well, here is your stand and not only is it a stand but also a great charger for two move controllers or navigation controllers and two dualshock controllers but also a usb output to charge anything but more importantly my ps3 controller. Brought this home and set it up and it's organized and doesn't take up any space at all. Received this on launch day and i have to say it is a really genius stand.

It holds all your peripherals including the 7.1 Sony headset and charges everything.

Collective Minds delivers the most complete solution for storing your Play Station VR gear.

This charge and display stand lets you store your PSVR headset, 2 Move motion controllers, 2 DUALSHOCK 4, and USB headset.

I've only had this for a couple of weeks, but I am very happy with it.