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Eroipu (エロイプ) is a portmanteau of the words "eroi" and "Skype" and means dirty talk on Skype. Also, it can be described with so many things; such as animals, certain foods and clouds in the sky. Gasshou (合唱) means "chorus" in Japanese, and is used on Nico Nico Douga primarily to denote fan-made choruses of covers ranging from 4 to 300 utaite.These are not organized by the utaite themselves; however, the video makers almost always credit each included utaite. gdgd (グダグダ, gudaguda) is a term that means "lazy" or "sloppy", etc.

Nico Nama Cruise namahousous can be extended likewise. Fuwa fuwa (ふわふわ) means "Fluffy" in Japanese, translating as light, airy or soft.Someone who is lacking common sense or seen as violent or unruly.Enchou/Enchotsu (延長/えんちょつ) is a term used in namahousous used to congratulate the host of a namahousou if it gets extended.Their equivalent terms for male students are DK, DC, and DS, with the "D" in each acronym standing for Danshi (男子), or male, instead of "Joshi" The letters "jk" (usually in lowercase to differentiate from JK, above) are also used as shorthand for many other different phrases in the Japanese internet community, but most commonly joushikiteki ni kangaete (常識的に考えて) which literally means "to think using common sense", but colloquially "if you think about it" or "seriously".Jitaku Keibi In or JK (自宅警備員), literally "Home Security Guard", is a term used by hikikomoris to refer to themselves. godly song) refers to songs that have achieved great fame and have received many covers.bkk stands for Bakaka (バカか), and is usually used when someone's an idiot.

Blomaga (ブロマガ) is a feature on Nico Nico Douga that allows users to post blog posts.It is usually used at the end of a video to congratulate the user for a good job on the video. Hiwai (ひy/卑猥)means doing something (talk, acting of, etc.) sexual.gkbr (がくがくぶるぶる, gakugaku buruburu) is a term associated with trembling. hshs is a term used on Nico Nico Douga to refer to excited breathing (ハァハァ, haahaa), often used when talking about something ecchi/erotic in nature. Men (面) means face, but it is also known as a homonym of the English word "men".Ikemen (イケメン) It is a Japanese term that refers to a handsome, mature looking man. When used for utaite, it refers to manly guys, though rarely it is used for a women with a voice that sounds like a man's.Not to be confused with Bishounen (美少年), which is a term used to refer to good looking younger boys.In a namahousou, unnamed users are anonymous, and have to change their settings to be viewable as an individual user to the host and other users.