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Kalkata xxx2 com

its not Ice Cube's fault, he's no actor but I've seen him do better than this if the movie has a script and some direction.When Hollywood first debuted the x Xx franchise, with Vin Diesel playing action-junkie special agent Xander Cage, it was a nice break from the usual secret agent action fare - posh white men who are overly slick, saving the world while keeping their impeccably styled hair intact.

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The basic concept is a hip-hop James Bond, and while it sounds like a cool concept that you couldn't possibly mess up, no, these guys messed it up...

Dobrev was spotted getting close to Scott at Coachella’s Neon Carnival over the weekend and onlookers said they appeared “flirty,” reported Us magazine.

A source said, “Scott and Nina were getting very close.

Xander Cage and x Xx broke with that, not just because he was bald, but because where other agents would tip-toe around, he'd crash through walls.

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Well, apart from the beginning of the movie, XXX: State of the Union was a huge let down from even my small expectations.

I guess the budget wasn't high enough for cool, exciting action sequences so they substituted old-school 80s style scenes for most of it, and suffice to say, there's a reason why most action movies don't do that stuff anymore -- it's boring.

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