Eric szmanda and george eads dating

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I'm sure they live their personal lives openly yet they aren't exactly "out" to the public, but I think it would be awesome if they would be.I really hope it's not the George thing that's holding Eric back from coming out, although I guess in this pathetic world we live in coming out for him would be suicide if he wants to work post-CSI.

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Cuz I'm the guy (not a girl) who posted that item on another thread about Eads told to me by his neighbor and I didn't post R29. So say sources on the set with the close-cropped cutie, who point out the extraordinary steps one will take to avoid being killed off -including booting a live-in love.

Egads, I'd probably feel buried alive under all those hair care products.""Egads" "buried alive" (George Eads character was buried alive in "Grave Danger" think all those clues are about Archie kao???? It's the BI 35: R33Claim as you want but you already were exposed as a fangirl on the previous thread.

For "not having a dog in this hunt", you're always monitoring the threads about George Eads sexuality...claimiing that he's straight, LOLGo back to Talk CSI.

There are pictures of him with Jorja Fox at that party.

That summer George was fired from CSI because 'he overslept': "Could it be that two inquisitive fellows were sneaking a few kisses at the party thrown by their producers?

Eric Szmanda was not invited to the Tour of the Stars because he wasn't a regular cast member yet. I think the body language in all those pics is very telling and especially in the Brazil pics, George and Eric look gay from the space.[r18] The person who had the conversation with me was not trying to protect them--that much I can vouch for. There's just not even the whispers for it and Musto may easily have been misinformed, mislead or quite simply got the vibe wrong. You just have to troll-dar the comments from The George Eads Troll posted on this thread.

It may also not have been the two CSI people people assumed it to be. And I'm not trying to mold R15 to my way of thinking.

For example this BI was published in 2004 Sept/Oct and George started to 'date' his beard in November 2004.

It's from a post Emmy party and yes, Billy Masters was there.

I am not getting into huge arguments on this as it's not worth it. In livejournal, there was an insider called "Gwen" (who also posted in DL) and who worked in Vegas hotel industry.

R24, as ever, if it's a civil marriage it should be a matter of public record and therefore pretty easy to find? She had met personally George and Eric and said how they usually shared the same room and they were a couple.

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