10 dating tips jenna jameson

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10 dating tips jenna jameson

She has always looked like the prettiest girl you saw hanging out at the mall (in a recent interview she talked about how excited she was that her image was appearing on a ski board, like a girl whose boyfriend has painted her name across the back of his Trans Am).

But though sex workers have often been looked down on in the name of middle-class propriety, it’s interesting to think about what they share with the middle class.

In no part of her new autobiography, “How to Make Love Like a Porn Star,” does she pretend that porn was a detour on a career that was meant to be spent acting or modeling or singing.

Jameson is the prototype of a new sort of star, one who doesn’t treat her particular brand of notoriety as notoriousness.

True Hollywood Story” fashion, dictate an end replete with tears, redemption and “If I knew then what I know now” contrition. But the strength of “How to Make Love Like a Porn Star” is in the way it shows that sheer, lived experience makes a hash of assumptions and ideologies.

In fact, there is a happy ending: Reconciliation with her father and brother. A happy second marriage to porn director Justin Sterling, now her only male partner, on-screen and off. The reason Jenna Jameson has become the friendly face of porn is that she is so reassuringly familiar.

It’s doubtful that Jay or Dave would oblige her with a plug by holding up a copy of “Briana Loves Jenna,” the second-best-selling adult movie of all time, or her latest, “The Masseuse” — a remake of the ’80s porn classic — or let her mention her Web site, Club Jenna.) She towers over Times Square on a billboard.

But when she appeared on the cover of New York magazine last fall, it was to illustrate a pair of hand-wringing features by David Amsden and the hapless Naomi Wolf on the alleged insidiousness of Internet porn.Because of how she’s become famous, Jameson has made it harder than ever for people to maintain the hypocrisy that they recognize the names of porn stars but don’t watch porn.Jenna Jameson has done more than any other performer to increase the acceptability of a part of our culture that, like it or not, isn’t going away.For her, porn has not been and is not a stepping stone to “legitimate” show biz.“The most important thing to me right now is to become the biggest star the industry has ever seen,” she told Wicked Pictures founder Steve Ornstein when she asked him to put her under contract.When you get down to it, there’s not much difference between those strategies of disdain and Bill O’Reilly’s calling Jameson a “quasi-prostitute.” They’re both ways of saying that what used to be called “that type of woman” has no standing in real society. And, by extension, neither are the millions of us who watch Jenna Jameson and who have made her the most successful star in the history of adult movies.

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