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People may see their virginity as something to just get rid of, but to me it's giving it someone. If that makes me weird then I'm proud It's ok to be a virgin. So many people in school are constantly saying "you'll be a virgin for life" or "you're Never going to lose it if you don't go for it soon" but the thing is, there are a number of people in my school who have fallen pregnant and given birth by age 12. I cannot be super careless with sex; it has to have emotion behind it. My heart races every time I get close to another player because I don't know what their intentions are. Ive had one boyfriend and he was a jerk and he pushed me when i wasnt ready and i didnt cave. and the first thing my friend asked me was if I was still a virgin. So, I don't feel uncomfortable when I tell people who ask, it's just, what difference would it make?I had a couple of dates with weirdos that only saw me as a sex... majority of people frown when they realize that you're a virgin. We are either virgin or are not , but that should not affect our self image/ acceptance that sex was a bad thing. Although I'm not opposed to sex before marriage, I do not want to have sex with anyone with whom I do not feel a deep connection and commitment.

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And it's not like it was by choice I've just never been asked out before or anything like that.I'm starting to think more and more that there's just something wrong with me. Everything you see on Wating Till is written, edited, and curated by people who are actively waiting on sex. Our mission is to help those who wait through the unique challenges and hurdles that come with this path. I don't feel proud or anything related about reward. I was always asexual aromantic, and I'm a free spirit, I usually try my best to do whatever I want in life. When people find this out about a person they stereotype them as a prude, someone that's confused, or a loser. Being a virgin doesn't define who I am, it's just... im going to be 18 in january, and yes im still a virgini know most guys would find me weird or whatever, but i dont happy being a virgin, and im not planning on losing it anytime rather lose it to someone im going to spend my life with, than in a "one night stand... Most things you see in social medias always have sexual innuendos attached to them. I would put it down to choice, although I've not been in a relationship yet, I've had some offers and I know I'm not unattractive so if I was really wanting to lose it I could find someone to deflower me but that isn't what I want. I can't understand how many can let any man sleep with them when it's like everytime that happens, it's like they're taking a piece of you with them. It's definitely not a subject I enjoy talking about. I know there are a lot of other players on the pitch and because of this I don't know if I will ever score. Im not religious, I dont care about sex before marriage but I do believe that love should come before sex. I'm planning on saving myself for marriage, I have a purity ring, and none of this is important at all...Obviously, I know here are virgins in the world but at 21 I feel like I'm the only one at my age. I didn't date in high school and barely dated in college and I found it harder and harder to date as I got older, so I focused on my... I just haven't met some one I think loved me enough to give "it" to.

It doesn't usually bother me but my friends sometimes get uncomfortable like they feel strange talking around me. so many young ep users on here that are so eager to lose their virginity. If you are a virgin, pat yourself on the back because you're literally... I don't let myself get in the position where my virginity is endangered. Ally I used to worry about being so old and still being a virgin. Sometimes I am really sad about it, but most of the time I wouldn't have it any other way.Mark is in his early 20’s and has been waiting all his life. In his free time, if he’s not browsing this site or other sites, or watching movies (animated, especially), you’ll find him playing Civilization V on his computer!Matthew is a forum regular and tries his best to be thought-provoking or laughter-inducing whenever possible.Anyway, I'm currently engaged (not long now - 12 days... I couldn't care less about your state of virginity. A girl told me, "if u don't lose your virginity by sophomore year then you'll be a virgin for life" I know that's not true.I've had offers since I was like, 12, but I remain a virgin for my own reasons. It's a personal choice, one I'm perfectly happy with. In a previous chapter of my life, I had been dating a girl for over a year and we were both definitely on the precipice of having sex. People these days are losing their virginity at age 12...She has a nitch for making sure the forums are organized and assists with reviewing any new material asked to look over.