Is deshawn jackson dating someone

12-Oct-2015 07:35 by 4 Comments

Is deshawn jackson dating someone

A photo of Jackson with the singer was posted to his personal Instagram account late on Sunday afternoon.

The two are reportedly just “enjoying each other’s time” and are not officially dating.

On her Instagram account, Jeffries describes herself as a college student studying acting.

She has talked in the past about her modeling photos being used by Playboy online and other outlets, so we know she’s pretty accomplished.

This is standard fare in the world of rich tweeting athletes.

Natalia knows this, but Natalia is now an NFL woman!

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Subscriptions can be home delivered in print, or digitally read on nearly any mobile device or computer, and start as low as 25¢ per day. Who better to run over to a car window to talk to then Rihanna?If it had been John Madden in that Escalade, Desean Jackson might not have run, but he still might have wanted to talk…maybe. He has a young girlfriend, Chantel Jeffries, who is a model, and he showed off to all of his Instagram followers on Tuesday by sharing a picture of her cooking them breakfast.Jackson and Jeffries seem to have been dating since at least January.They have included mentions of one another on social media over the past several months.