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Less likely intended for sharing were the bead-sized images, Stanhopes, that were discretely mounted in a personal object — the handle of a walking stick, perhaps, or a pistol. Army whistleblowers, legislators attempted a half-measure to exclude pornography from the U. mail during the war, particularly the bags of erotic materials headed to army camps, justifying the move as a wartime measure to protect soldiers.Although Stanhopes were available in the 1860s, I found no mention of them in U. Army camps — of course, this was the genius of the design, allowing men to enjoy their own personal “peep,” as the microphotographs were called, at their own discretion while evading detection. Would men who looked at naughty images be able to win the war, legislators worried?

There are no straight lines connecting Monday’s executive order to events that occurred in the 1860s-70s, but if it is accurate to say, as folks have in the past, that the American nation was , playing cards, and stereographs that soldiers read and shared during the war.

The Comstock Laws, as they were called, were highly effective gag rules, the remnants of which were dismantled in the late twentieth century.

Few recall that they were intended to outlaw pornography, as the laws were used most effectively in criminalizing abortion and, later, in combating homosexuality.

The other charges Peirce faced — under the specification, “conduct unbecoming,” striking a private without cause and disguising himself and sneaking out of camp to keep company with a disreputable woman — garnered more attention from the court martial.

Men in army camps also had access to a variety of images, made possible by new technologies such as the photograph, stereograph, , tuck it into his pocket, share it with a comrade.

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This shows how far animators would go to distract from suicide.

The image of Donald Trump signing an order reinstating the global gag rule this February was striking.

So, too, did the concentration of men in the moving cities that were Civil War’s armies.

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