Dating in turkey

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We have a great relationship, he treats me well, we spend lots of time together, etc..We're in love, but there has been a few problems recently that are kind of throwing me off.

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Because he needs their approval to marry you,(a non muslim girl)These are facts of my country sweetheart! Its up to you, you maybe be always treated as a yabanci if you chose to live in turkey,you take the risk,see how much of a muture man he is in the future.

Just enjoy for the time being and go with the flow. Maybe he just doesn't feel like sharing you with his family yet , a turkish family can be quite overwhelming sometimes they're so hard to understand and they can be too welcoming and very nosy!

Anyway its what I saw here hope am wrong God bless Jono Hello I reckon it is possible that he didn't find the courage to introduce you to his parents, maybe he feels that it would mean that you "have" to get married that if you didn't he would lose face in front of his parents.... Keep on talking to him, if you're going to live with a turk (my husband is!

Should I have met them.because right now Im to the point of seperating from him because I felt so disrespected. This guy is might be using you to get US residency and most importantly US passaport .9 out of 10 Turks do that when they come to live in a foreign country,thats the easiest and cheapest way to stay in the country and to study,so on.

Thats is bullshit that our traditions are different In Turkey that you cant bring your GF to meet your parents.

Because we are from different countries, and everyone can be so different, I'm not sure to believe it or not.

Can anyone (familiar w/Turkish cultures) give me some advise on this?

Im just really upset because I felt like such a piece of dirt that he didnt introduce me to them.

He claims that really they dont meet until there is an engagement ..

I had a serious relationship with a girl which could turn in to something more.

Although I loved her and would possibly marry her, I never introduced her to my parents, not even mentioned them.

) you need to get your communication and understanding started right now!

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