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Bill O'Reilly, here is a guy that's so in love with himself and the sound of his own voice that he's become the personification of evil. It's fantastic to be in these buildings that people lived in in the Civil War. People used to sit out there and watch the battles go on during the Civil War.And so my character on this show, Terry, he -- once Lee Anne Marcus [played by Georgina Haig] enters the picture, he drinks the Lee Anne Marcus Kool-Aid. So as a writer I'm very inspired by history, so I love that.

So the things I've learned as a person that I wanted to bring to the role have probably informed the role more than the things I've learned as a cop. In the first scene that he shot, he intimidates this young woman.

But I think when you see the show you will see all of that mixed together along with the steam and the sex and the heat. We were all standing around the monitor to see what Shawn would do and it was like a lightning bolt went off.

Shawn Hatosy: Yeah, I played a cop on a show who's a beloved character in Los Angeles. He was in a shot in the last episode of SOUTHLAND until at night, got on the plane, came to the set of RECKLESS in Charleston, did not go to sleep or anything, went to his trailer, and put on his suit. He was so mean and intimidating to this girl and we were like all right, he's ready. Ian Sander: When we cast the actors, obviously they played cops.

Shawn Hatosy: From all my research I did on villains -- and I did a lot -- what I learned is that bad guys start behaving nefariously because, in some way, love screwed them over.

Off the top of my head, Darth Vader, here is a decent guy who ultimately went to the dark side because Natalie Portman hurt him. This was a coyote with good intentions and the road runner comes along and he's addicted to the chase, something he can't obtain, and that made him be impossible to be around.

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They approach this man in a public place and tell...

I love shows like NYPD BLUE, and those shows really broke ground with sexiness on network TV and that's what we are hoping to do as well."Executive producer Ian Sander added, "We shot the show in Charleston, South Carolina, which was kind of a new place to shoot a show which was very hot and steamy.

And as Dana just said, this is a show we are really thrilled that it is going to be on in the summer because it is hot and steamy. Although when we did the pilot it was 30 degrees behind the camera, in front of the camera it was hot and steamy."Dana Stevens: Well, I started dating someone who lived in the South who is a city attorney in North Carolina.

I'm always inspired to write about a place I've never been, because it's great to fantasize about being there.

And if y'all have never been to Charleston, it is a great city and a great kind of secret, especially for people on the West Coast.

I was completely inspired by his work because he represents firemen and policemen and local drama that happens in his town.