Can a teacher get in trouble for dating a parent

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Guideline 2: Communicate the purpose for the conference.

An unplanned conference can turn out to be a waste of time for both teacher and parent and cause feelings of frustration. Write out the areas and questions you want the conference to cover.If your child is in kindergarten or first-grade, the following questions may be the most appropriate: Is my child experiencing difficulty with any specific skills? Practice these guidelines, and your child will reap the benefits.Guideline 1: Identify the purpose for the conference. Is it to alleviate your concerns about your child’s poor attitude towards reading and/or school! Each of these situations is vastly different and requires different preparation.The teacher is usually calling to describe some unacceptable behavior or report a child’s tack of progress and her concern that a learning problem may exist.This kind of contact usually puts a parent on the defensive, and communication can be hampered.Combine, delete, and clarify these questions, and, finally, prioritize them.

By using this process, your most important questions will be answered in a clear, succinct manner.Thus, you are in a position to provide some helpful information. And, last but not least, assure the teacher that she has your full support and cooperation.Provide the teacher with your phone number and tell her to feel free to call when help is needed from home.Try to stay a on one topic since your time together is limited.Guideline 6: Display a positive attitude during the conference. Always listen attentively and show your enthusiasm.This can be difficult when it is your child, but he will experience as many or more difficulties if you and die teacher don’t try to find a way to work together to solve these problems.