Dating with your wife

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Sometimes she will visit me at work unannounced, make me an incredible lunch, or even surprise me with something she personally baked. Just because you're married, doesn't mean your dating life should end.

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Do you practice incorrectly, inconsistently, and with a lack of commitment? The relationship a couple has isn’t “happening” to them. Are you like me with a golf club 20 years ago, expecting to show up for the game and do well without practicing correctly and consistently, or are you purposeful and intentional in building strength, depth, and mutual love and respect in your marriage? For golf, there is a rule book to go along with all that practice. It’s the ultimate Rule Book for life, The Word of God, The Bible.If you cannot see the entire article, we would appreciate if you would deactivate your ad blocker and refresh the page before continuing to browse. On Jarrid's blog post titled, "I'm Dating Someone Even Thought I'm Married," he writes:"I have a confession to make. I love to take her out to dinner, movies, local shows, and always tell her how beautiful she is.I can't remember the last time I was mad at her for longer than five minutes, and her smile always seems to brighten up my day no matter the circumstances. Mark your wife’s birthday, your wedding anniversary, and Mother’s Day on your calendar every year and plan to make those days special. Take twenty minutes several nights a week to read, discuss, and pray through a shorter book such as Ephesians or Philippians. Spend an evening stargazing with your wife and talking about dreams you have for the future. Spend an evening reminiscing with your wife about all you’ve been through together and all God has done and redeemed in your life together. Devote the next month to studying a book of the Bible with your wife. Visit where your wife grew up and where you grew up. We've noticed you're currently running ad blocking software.

The contents of this site are available for free thanks to the contributions of our sponsors. She's beautiful, smart, cunning, strong, and has an immensely strong faith in God. SEE ALSO: Date Your Wife: Men Have Responsibility and Power 9. Hold your wife’s hand often, in public and in private. Cancel work for the day and do something special with your wife. ” I strongly encourage you to click this link and join over 20,000 couples who have taken The Challenge is comprised of two, simple but profound books (short and easy to read, guys!) that will transform your marriage by giving each of you powerful but practical instruction on how love each other well.I encourage you to try it and see what it can do for your life. Pursuing my wife shouldn't stop just because we both said, "I do." Way too many times do I see relationships stop growing because people stop taking the initiative to pursue one another. Those butterflies you got on the first date shouldn't stop just because the years have passed.

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