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A University of Tennessee student committed sexual harassment, according to his professor, because he wrote his lab instructor's name incorrectly: he inadvertently wrote the name of a pornographic model instead.As punishment, the student received a grade of zero on an assignment.

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Wahlbon emailed Deane, asking him to reverse the instructor's decision. That result meets with Title IX definition of sexual harassment.

But "Sarah Jackson" is apparently the name of a pornographic model.

When Wahlbon got the quiz back, his answer was marked "inappropriate" and he had received a grade of zero.

(if you don't remember, make something good up)." The lab instructor is a kind of teaching assistant, and indeed, Wahlbon couldn't remember her name.

So he wrote in "Sarah Jackson." "I picked a random generic name," said Wahlbon in an interview with .

In his email, Wahlbon raised some very good points: specifically, that "Sarah Jackson" is a very common name, and the top Google search results for the name weren't even inappropriate. The grade of zero stands and will not be changed." Emphasis mine.

(As a reminder, the question had even supplied the clearly-misleading instruction: "make something good up.") Screenshots of the quiz and email are available at , which first reported this story. According to the professor, sexual harassment requires no intention whatsoever on the part of the transgressor to give offense.Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information contained on this website is correct, the College accepts no liability for any errors or omissions.Please note that details are subject to change without notice with regard to the provision of courses, course times and dates and the fees and charges levied.Priding ourselves on our ability to implement exceptional levels of teaching in a student-focused environment, Loughborough College offers a range of Higher Education courses designed to suit every individual.Our aim is to ensure that your academic abilities are recognised and enhanced in order to aid your success.Aiming to provide a learning experience that is both stimulating and relevant to your future career, many of our programmes offer the unique opportunity to gain valuable industry knowledge and expertise through work-based placements.