Dating someone green card marriage

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I am sure he knew of the stipulations before the marriage.If he was honest like you say he was then he would have told you the TRUTH upfront instead of concocted bullshit. Do you really know if this "older brother" is his blood relative? Let me break this down for you baby girl, a man of character and morality will not knowingly condone such behavior especially if he is religious. The REAL Nigerians and Africans on my side of the world take MARRIAGE extremely serious.

(6218 Views) Nigerian Lady Tells Fellow Women To Dump Their Boyfriend If He Just Did His BVN / Don’t Marry Your Boyfriend If He Does These 4 Things / Would You Dump Your Sweety If They Got Fat? I'm dating this Nigerian man and we have known each other since April 2010 but just started dating each otter officially since march 28, 2011. If he does not know where she is how can he go about getting a divorce when he needs to.And then on the other hand,the reason why i(and most people,i imagine) are against affairs/infidelity is because of the loss of trust,hurt,emotional distress,etc etc that the innocent(and sometimes guilty) part feel. There won't be any emotional hurt or whatever because there were never any emotions involved. I might not be okay with dating a guy like that,but that doesn't mean you,or anyone else won't be.Or let's put it this way,how can he cheat on someone he was never in a relationship with? And lastly,how long does he have to remain married to her? How i feel about it doesn't/shouldn't affect you in the least-you need to be honest with yourself and figure out what YOU feel about it. He is able to leave me alone in his apartment until I'm ready to leave. He has introduced me to his older brother friends and some of his other close relatives.Surely, you are not that desperate you are settling for someone's sloppy seconds. If you decides to stay with him and eventually he get his divorce papers.You better pray that karma doesn't bite you squarely in the arse. Here's another question for ya: You said you've known him for a year and dated him for 3 months,and during that time you didn't know he was married at all,not to talk of being in a contract marriage.As for me I just obtained citizenship.tea_baby1: Thank you so much for your quick and derailed reply. He tells me that the person he married for papers has a child by someone else and that she has a boyfriend.

To answer your questions, no it's not a long distance relationship. He says that he can't be with a woman who has a child by someone else, he wants to avoid baby daddy drama I met his older brother when he came to visit my boyfriends home.

I met his older brother when he came to visit my boyfriends home.

As a older wiser man I would think that he would not be happy to see me or welcome me as he did if his little brother, my boyfriend was married, Right?

You are committing fornication and he is committing adultery. He knew she had a child and a boyfriend before he married her.

As long as there were payments, the woman didn't care who he slept with or where he stayed because there were NO LOVE in it.

His story is too involved for me to deal with someone such as he. What is he half-man, half-boyfriend, surrogate-husband, lover-to-you and husband-to her? I tried finding out more information on the computer about the issue but have no luck.

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    Her husband was with her on Thursday, when she was back in court for another hearing.