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This is partly due to the smaller population in Belarus compared to Russia and Ukraine, but also due to there being less agencies, romance tours and so forth in Belarus. Belarus women will compare you to men in their own country. What will it take for a Belarusian woman to decide that you're the one man for her?

If you want to be exotic tourist in Belarus, first of all you have to find a company to go. After that step, you get a train ticket or plain ticket.In this article we take a close look at Belarus Women.If you're dating a woman who is from Belarus, this will help to give you a good insight into the unique qualities she possesses, as well as some key facts about the country she lives in, and the lifestyle she is used to.About one-third speak Belarusian at home, and two-thirds speak Russian.Most residents of Belarus (excluding remote villages) will be able to understand both Russian and Belarusian.There is also pretty much nothing interesting to do in Belarus, and maybe women of this country find foreign man somehow exotic.

As it is said in one Belarus article, one Italian guy had 14 Belarus girls in his bed during 20 days of staying in this country.

The official languages of Belarus are (also known as 'Belorussian' and 'Byelorussian').

While the vast majority of Belarusian people would say that their native language is Belarusian, Russian is actually more widely spoken.

Usually foreign guys in Belarus use the same scheme.

Firstly if they see pretty girl, they ask why is she alone and buy her a drink.

However, for the most part, the women you are likely to meet are genuine.