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The birth of the Royal Prince, therefore, further ensures the continuity of these blessings.

The auspicious Royal Birth, therefore, is a long-awaited moment by Bhutan and all Bhutanese. If you happen to see a party's page or a member's profile on your Facebook sidebar, that's because they have advertised with Facebook, which is another new thing in Bhutan.This week a news appeared me on Kuensel that astonished me.In so many beautiful ways, 5 February 2016 will be remembered for always.It’s indubitably the dawn of another historic moment in Bhutan.And interestingly many cabinet ministers have joined Facebook recently, and most of the new members of political parties have begun their introduction from Facebook.

Some former members are already seeded player on Social media with amazing fan followers.I wish I have the resources to count and analyze how much data was generated exactly but Bhutan telecom must have enjoyed maximum business.Twitter accounts of Kuensel and BBS were on fire that day- another record breaker!Come National Assembly Election and we will see the real revolution of social media.There are several groups on Facebook that are seriously discussing Bhutanese democracy and not to mention the so many anonymous intellects and analysts on Tweeter who have million questions to ask.When BBS TV viewer were jumping in excitement with the result of fourth Dzongkhag we on Twitter were done with all 20 Dzongkhags results via two government media tweets.

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