Intelligence dating cops

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Intelligence dating cops - patricia kara dating

Johannesburg - Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir has alleged a police intelligence officer threatened him over his bail application in the case in which he and four others are accused of killing businessman Sam Issa.

He said that Beeka was also at the house and he got scared, called police commissioner Joey Mabasa, and fled South Africa for Cyprus.

He applied for asylum, which was refused, but he is appealing the decision.

Some of the accused in the myriad of cases Krejcir faces are policemen.

Krejcir said in the statement he introduced Mabasa to Louka because Louka had a problem with a person called Oscar who was blackmailing him.

But things came to a sudden halt after Krejcir's lawyer objected to the line of questioning and the court record had to be consulted.

Krejcir faces nine charges along with Bulgarian Lybohir Grigorov, Mfaniseni Memela, Nkanyiso Mafunda and Siboniso Miya after Issa was gunned down at an intersection in Bedfordview.

Of the at least 30 cartridges found on the scene, some were matched to an AK47 stolen from Issa in a robbery in September, with the robbery forming part of the charges against the group.

On Tuesday, he had said he did not know Mabasa well, but that their wives had tried to start a business together.

But, revisiting this on Wednesday through questions from Gcaba, he said he had been introduced to Mabasa by his then lawyer, Ian Small-Smith, as a go-to guy if he had problems.

Krejcir said he wants to be able to go home under house arrest, with a monitoring bracelet and to be with his family, instead of sitting in prison doing nothing.

He said he is wealthy with "hundreds of millions" and has no need to rob or kill anybody for money.

He said that after the murder of Cyril Beeka in an apparent drive-by shooting, she went "underground", and when she re-emerged, Ximba was her boss, said Krejcir."You guys, you're framing me now," said Krejcir.

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