Bozeman mt dating

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Well, anyhow, to not go off topic, I am wondering what it is like for a single guy in his early 30s to find a date in Montana.

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“Slate gets to have her pick of time with the sheriff and her station gets notified of news that otherwise no one would have heard about, like remote traffic accidents in the middle of the night.

“Meanwhile, our newsroom and other TV stations go through the regular channels to try to get a word from Gootkin.” People in the KBZK newsroom didn’t want to discuss the conflict of interest.

(I’m told that rival news outlets have known about it for at least 14 months.) “Slate has changed her Facebook profile pic to one of herself and the sheriff, as she has posted photos of the two of them going to the Sturgis rally, as they’ve discussed their hot tubbing plans on social media, etc.,” a Bozeman journalist tells Romenesko readers.

Three weeks ago Slate did a story about county commissioners rejecting a dog leash law.

I am a down-to-earth person and don't like the superficiality and arrogance I see in Oregon.

Everybody in this state has to prove how cool, hip, trendy, etc etc that they are.

The grumpy part, is reserved for the ticked off locals who feel the state is invaded.

Perhaps, I am a bit on the grumpy side, but trying to change, especially as I migrate out of ORegon.

After the piece aired, Slate noted on Facebook that “I got my dogs and my man in my story last night.” Yes, the sheriff – – was in that news report, too.

“The TV station – the leading TV station here in Bozeman – has become a glorified PR desk for the sheriff,” says the journalist who alerted me to this conflict.

Hi, I just got back from a long trip through Eastern Oregon, Idaho and Montana.

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