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There are two subgroups within this distinct group of sex offenders: a contact-driven group which logs on to chat rooms in order to meet adolescents in person, and a fantasy-driven group motivated to engage an adolescent in online cybersex without an express intent to meet offline.It is ultimately unclear whether or not internet sex stings prevent incidents of child sexual exploitation.

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Investigators found a large collection of recorded video auditions with women removing their clothes and posing erotically on request.Dynes was sentenced today at the same court to a three years and one month custodial sentence less time served on remand with two years on probation, during which he must undertake a treatment programme for sexual offenders.He was also given a 10 year Sexual Offences Prevention Order, has been placed on the Sex Offenders Register for life and is banned from working with children and vulnerable adults.Just like Facebook, Instagram does not allow registered sex offenders and you should report them here: It's up to us parents to make sure our children are safe.I am sure you are familiar with Hayleigh Wilson, 14, of Surgoinsville who stole her father's truck and ran away with a convicted sex offender - she was chatting with strangers randomly on an app called Kik.10 March 2017 A County Tyrone man has been sentenced today after pleading guilty to 41 offences including grooming children under 13 online to perform sexual acts on camera.

Michael Dynes, aged 39, from the Dungannon area was arrested in June 2015 as part of Operation Jarra, the joint PSNI/NCA investigation into accessing indecent images of children online.

There were also voyeuristic and covert ‘upskirting’ videos taken by Dynes, along with extreme pornographic images and over 1000 indecent images of children ranging from levels 1-5.

Digital analysis showed that between 2009-2015, Dynes had been using fake user profiles under the names of ‘John O’Neill’ and ‘Jenny Bell’ to incite sexual activity, groom and attempt to meet young victims.

The point is, you should always monitor what and who your children are talking to. Just make sure to use the state's registry URL for their verification purposes.

Even though sex offenders should not be talking to children, things happen.

Briggs, Simon and Simonsen conclude that internet chat room sex offenders are a distinct group of sex offenders characterized by less severe criminogenic factors than others.