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Ze snappen in elk geval dat ze meerwaarde moeten creëren, en het niet enkel op basis features en prijs moeten spelen als het op accessoires aan komt.

Presets: Static, Fading, Breathing, Marquee, Covering Marquee, Alternating, Spectrum Wave, Pulse, Candle Light Smart: CPU Temperature, GPU Temperature, FPS Custom: Customize each LED Audio (Beta): HUE reacts to the changing audio output from your PC It's difficult to find points of complaint with the HUE , which is ultimately just an aesthetic add-on for enthusiasts. So thanks you my good man, you are a gentleman and a scholar. This was actually the first video I watched on Redtube quite a few years back, and damn, this girl just kept me coming back for more.The illumination options offered by NZXT cover a multitude of options, with even more choices than I expected. The NZXT Hue is a very interesting product as it allows many different options for customising the look of your system; RGB functionality is becoming very popular and we see this trend to continue.Priced around £50 in the UK, it certainly isn’t the cheapest option around and I can see many grumbling about the price.This site has been blocked by order of the government of Russia.

You can read more about Russia’s internet censorship law here.

It's likely that competition will eventually make an appearance with expanded Smart functionality, granted, so this does seem like an area NZXT may want to focus efforts for the first patches. The beauty of Hue is the fact it works hand-in-hand with NZXT’s CAM software.

There are pre-defined themes and animations available and there are even advanced options to modify the colour if the CPU/GPU reaches a specific temperature mark; this is quite a handy and innovative feature to have available.

The NZXT HUE hits another bright spot when it comes to the controlling of the lights.

The software is refined, and very telling of the great effort NZXT has put into making the CAM software into an easy to use application.

At the southern tip of Argentina there are several routes between the South Atlantic and the South Pacific Oceans including the Strait of Magellan, the Beagle Channel, and the Drake Passage---as alternatives to sailing around Cape Horn in the open ocean between South America and Antarctica.