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Is it because this person is a potential harm to them?

Common issues range from mom isn’t getting homework done to dad is always late for exchanges to someone making disparaging remarks about the other parent in the presence of the children.

One issue that is always troubling and doesn’t necessarily have any clear answers is when one parent starts dating someone new.

The fact is that either parent is free to date and move on to a new relationship after a separation or divorce.

Ask yourself if you keep hiring bad reps, or is there an issue with the district manager.

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It’s hardly ever easy for the other parent and besides the feelings of resentment, jealousy, and bitterness that often accompany this situation, it’s hard to know how to address a parent’s firm position when they tell you as their family law attorney that they don’t want the new boyfriend or girlfriend around their kids.

Some parents agree to put morality clauses or provisions regarding dating partners into their custody agreements.

Mary O'Connor Q: Four months ago my relationship ended with the woman I was planning to marry.

We are in our early 30s and it was a good, loving relationship for a number of years and we were going to take the...

As long as the children aren’t being harmed or subjected to anything inappropriate, then the better approach may be to try and set some boundaries with the other parent in a civil and cooperative manner.