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The man cares only about the plasticity of materials; his investors care only about the colour green. Reinventing the sofa: Ron: I was walking in Tel Aviv when my father passed away. His design for the National Design Museum of Israel, for instance. But of course, this begs the question: why did we only have one production in the space? It’s been a process of meeting and talking and workshops and rehearsals.

And she was the first generation of women who learned from the male actors.

It was a mistake to call it Spyre because Google was very interested in sponsoring it, but they said they couldn’t because they would be accused of spying. He’s also spent some time ruminating on the strangeness of the digital era, when a sculpture can be created as a virtual mockup long before it’s been realised, when he can sell (and has sold) artworks at Sotheby’s based purely on these mockups.

By the way, this is a place with abut 20 security cameras. So he’s resolved only to make sculptures that are actually better when they’re realised than when they’re purely imaginary.

It emerged out of experiments with tempered steel, which he began experimenting with: Ron’s proposed title for this talk is “Whats and Ifs”, because he’s always asking “what if”.

But his sense of imagination is very different from my own—while I’d interpret that as a story of potential (ooh!

(It also turned out that he didn’t really know what he was doing consciously—falsetto or no falsetto?

After all, this is a medium he grew up with, rather than something he studied from the outside.) One La Salle student asked about gender performativity, which didn’t quite translate. , and he was looking at the story in kun opera and kabuki.Second, kabuki actors are super-busy performing all the time, so they don’t often get to travel abroad without their troupes.And third, he’s young—he’s a big star in Japan, but it would usually be his elders who have the seniority to speak about this.If you’re doing something for yourself, studio pieces, you don’t have to consult anyone, just yourself.[Source] Here he talked about his experiments his creation of Bookworm, a curving steel bookcase that he made for himself.As a contemporary artist working with a traditional artist, you become aware there are specific rules regarding every meeting with the audience. So what Kazu was doing, even in a neutral kimono, was projecting a codified woman’s presence.