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They are no longer in charge of his funeral arrangements or named in his advance health-care directive, which gave them power of attorney for making his medical decisions in the event he was no longer able to decide for himself. Through a combination of their own mistakes and the machinations of others, the entire calculus of Redstone’s endgame has been upended and thrown into turmoil.A legal battle is raging, churning up personal recriminations, power plays involving billions of dollars, and a slew of extraordinary and embarrassing revelations that, by all rights, should never have been made public.

He wanted his body to be washed and “purified” by a the traditional Jewish group that cleanses a corpse prior to burial, and “thereafter, [to be] dressed in a suit.” He added, “I want no makeup, cologne, or jewelry, and no hair styling,” a strange final request from a man who for years dyed his hair a shade that can best be described as a Trumpian carrot color and whose barber, Joe, trimmed his hair every day at his mansion in the Beverly Park section of Los Angeles. He wanted Holland and Herzer to set the guest list, but directed that it be limited to “family and close friends only.” He did not want his two offspring, Shari and Brent, involved in any of the decision-making about the funeral arrangements, evidently the legacy of the often tempestuous relationship he has had with them.

“It seemed to me,” she wrote in a February 2016 affidavit, “that my family was effectively prevented from having meaningful access to my father” by Herzer and Holland, who “made it clear that we were not welcome in my father’s home. She claims that neither she nor Holland prevented Shari or her family from seeing Redstone and that he made all decisions about whom he would see, which generally did not include Shari. “Sumner and I treated each other like family,” Herzer says.

According to Herzer’s filing, Redstone told her, “Shari is all about money…. “Anyone who knows Sumner knows how he feels about Shari.

Photo-Illustration by Sean Mc Cabe; By Frederick M. Highsmith/Buyenlarge (Background), Christopher Patey (Sumner), Alberto E.

Rodriguez (Dauman), all from Getty Images; By Ray Tamarra/Wire Image (Moonves). Redstone’s roughly 80 percent stake in the voting shares of both CBS and Viacom is the major source of his vast wealth, estimated to be around billion these days.

Even Dauman and Moonves have been dragged into the mess.

Shari and her family are back at her father’s side.

I mean, if that’s not black-and-white, I don’t know what is.”But—surprise!

—things will not go according to this plan, not even close.

His concerns were reinforced in the June 2015 funeral instructions, in which Redstone specified that if Shari disputed his estate plan the 16 cemetery plots in his name at the Sharon Memorial Park would no longer be hers, as he had instructed in his July 2014 will, but instead would go to Holland and Herzer.

This last request must have been particularly galling to Shari, since it would have meant that her father’s two girlfriends and their families could be next to him for eternity, rather than his own flesh and blood.

He seemed particularly concerned that his only daughter, Shari, 61, would, after his death, contest his decision to give the bulk of his personal fortune to Holland and Herzer.

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