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The gorgeous Always, with Keats on vocals, ventures into atmospheric dubstep territory, while All Gravy sees Brighton rapper Darrison taking over the mic for a dubby rudeboy breakbeat roller. First up, Dancehall Tribute takes things in a deep and dubwise direction, with the legendary Tenor Fly reminiscing over supremely funky breakbeats on a track that recalls his chart-topping mid-90s period with The Freestylers.

Next, Top Cat drops in on the frenetic jungle-flavoured Bad Boys, freshening up the famous reggae classic with serious aplomb.Finally, Shake the Pressure (Martin Horger remix) sends us off into the night with a blinding tech-fuelled booty destroyer.A spectacular achievement, and an album likely to join the pantheon of great dance music long players, Bounce and Shake is a rare beast in these times of throwaway singles, a 21-track double album that bears repeated listens and works just as well in the home as in the club.If your password is on this list of 10,000 most common passwords, you need a new password.A hacker can use or generate files like this, which may readily be compiled from breaches of sites such as Ashley Madison.This one is for dropping on the turntables when you've just opened the doors on the hottest house party in town and need to get the evening started with a boom.

Rifling through booty bass, jungle, soul, breaks, dubstep, drumstep and drum 'n' bass with the kind of assurance one might expect from DJs who have sent bodies flying round the room at club venues across the globe for more than a decade, the UK production duo drop a no-nonsense selection of bass music anthems to get your hands in the air as the low-end frequencies move your derriere.zuan yfcntymrf wowwow winston1 vfibyf ventura titten tiburon thoma thelma stroker snooker smokie slippery shui shock seadoo sandwich records rang puffy piramida orion1 napoli nang mouth monkey12 millwall mexican meme maxxxx magician leon lala lakota jenkins jackson5 insomnia harvard HARLEY hardware giorgio ginger1 george1 gator1 fountain fastball exotic elizaveta dialog davide channel castro bunnies borussia asddsa andromed alfredo alejandro 7007 69696 4417 3131 258852 1952 147741 1234asdf 02081982 02051982 zzzzzzz zeng zalupa yong windsurf wildcard weird violin universal sunflower suicide strawberry stepan 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