Accommodating you

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Course Structure: Keep the physical room arrangement consistent.Warn the student ahead of time if you must change it (such as for small group work).

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You will need to have the movie opencaptioned (consult with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Coordinator at the LNEC for assistance), or provide an interpreter, written summary, or screenplay.

Outline clearly your main ideas on handouts, overheads, or blackboard. Many hearing-impaired students rely on hearing aids, which magnify allsound, including background noise.

A few students speaking in the background can thus make your lecture or comments very difficult to hear.

Put technical or unfamiliar words and important new terms on the board or handout.

Consider providing these to the interpreter before class.

If you need to speak while writing on the board, have a student write while you dictate.

If you tend to speak quickly, try to moderate your speed, and slow down when explaining important ideas and facts.

Indicate clearly what material is required (and so must be taped), and what material is only recommended.

At the student’s request, the LNEC will acquire, prepare, and/or tape reading materials.

In the second-best arrangement, the students and teacher have the light source to their side.

Avoid having students face the light source (Blair 81). ” or “Ask her if she has the paper today.” Say instead, “Do you have the paper today?

Discussion and Lecture: When speaking, look directly at a student who relies on lip-reading.