Lunar days dating sim cheats

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Lunar days dating sim cheats - texas dating juliaetta idaho

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Watch the video walkthrough below (if one is available) on how to win if your stuck.

Lunar Days Sim Date - Free Simulation bartermaster - unlocks Sky canihaspicturebook – Max with Sky wafflesdontyoumeancarrots – Max with Elias effthepolice – unlock Veon ilikedveonbeforehewascool – Max with Veon stealingistoomainstream – Max with Terrance letthecatoutofthebag – Max with Fidel gogoflowerpower – Max with Aiden gardeningisforsquares – unlock Raine ihavethingfortwintails – Max with Raine workingovertime – unlocks Clyde whereishistophat – Max with Clyde Now for the others: iwasntplanningtosleepanyway – Infinte HP hatersgonnahate – Infinte Hp, 00, all stuff tools iswearipaidforallofit – All Items canipayinchange - 00 (thnx everyone) All of the cheats combined into one: simdatinglikeaboss simdatinglikeaboss – found IN the game: go to EAST GATE & look on fence door panel - unlocks & makes all guys & girl your SOULMATES - gives you max.

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